Web Hosting Feature Comparison

Web Hosting Feature Comparison: A Features Overview for Every Web Host

If you’ve done lots of research on a hosting providers, sometimes you are not able to  fully understand about hosting plan. Even you don’t understand strengths and weaknesses unless you stack it up against a competitor. We provide website hosting feature comparison so you can read and understand.

Web Hosting Feature Comparison
Web Hosting Feature Comparison
Domain Hosting
Web Hosting Feature Comparison

Hosting Package

Disk Space (GB)
Monthly Bandwidth (GB)
Daily Backups
Password Protected Directories

Database Support


Marketing Tools

Marketing Credits
Search Engine Submission
Mailing Lists


POP3 Addresses
IMAP Addresses
Email Storage
Email Forwarding
Form Mail Scripts
Spam Protection


Number of FTP Accounts
Anonymous FTP
.htaccess Support
Cron Jobs


Domain Search & Registration
Domain Transfer
Parked Domains
Domains Allowed
Private Domain Registration
International Domains
Additional Domain Name/Transfer

Reporting and Statistics

Site Traffic Statistics
Log Files

Site Creation Tools

Site Builder
Photo Gallery
Custom Templates

Programming Languages

Server Side Includes (SSI)
JavaServer Pages (JSP)
.htaccess Support
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Customer Support

24/7 Phone Support
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Video Tutorials
FAQ / Knowledge-base

Web hosting feature comparison, you can compare the best web hosting features and plans. Plan comparisons are based on web hosting plans with similar features

Web hosting Feature comparison is the very important for all brand name before buying web host. All web hosting providers trademarks of their respective web owners. All hosting prices, plans and features listed are what has been publicly disclosed. Every plan comparison are based on web hosting plans with similar features.

Every Web hosting plans are loaded with features including plenty of disk space and bandwidth
to meet your business requirements. Go and check out the all details of each package in this web hosting feature comparison chart.
There are a ton of web hosting providers on the web and also tons of web hosting comparisons, customer reviews, coupons and deals of those hosting providers also exists around the world. Most of the bloggers recommend at least one web hosting providers.

For now, HostGator.com is among the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies. As PC Magazine rated in 2015 and Editor Rating is EXCELLENT.

The big confusion is create. When blogger A recommend some thing else and blogger B something else. So Again I will recommend you always do web hosting feature comparison.

Some time I notice that people buy web hosting plan without web hosting feature comparison. As I said early don’t go with any web hosting provider without hosting feature comparison because when you do this thing then only you will be in loss. After some time you realize that you have a wrong deal.

Web Hosting Feature Comparison : Everything You Need To Know About Features

I want to share with you my personal experience about “web hosting”. I am not going to write an individual review of a host nor going to recommend you a specific web hosting providers.

See, my aim is to share and discuss several aspects of web hosting plan and compare most popular web hosting companies including price comparison chart. We believe you can choose a web hosting plan yourself once you read web hosting feature comparison.

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