Top 10 Best Web hosting providers

Top 10 Best Web hosting providers : Web hosting is a service  that allows individuals or organisations to post websites or Web page on internet. Web hosting or Web hosting companies are organisations that provide the requisite technologies and services needed for a website or Web page to be view on the internet. Ordinarily, websites questions hosted and stored special computers known as Servers. The web host stored the website pages and make them available to computers that are connected to the internet. The domain name of a website is linked to an IP address that points to specific computer.

Whenever an internet users want to access a particular website,  what they do is to type in the website address or domain on their computer and connect it with the website server.  Once connected with the server, the server will deliver the website information to the user’s computer. We are giving our best of best to write about top 10 best web hosting providers. visit this page as well.

With the advancement in technology and rapid increase in the number of internet users, they have been widespread of web hosting service provider around the world. However the   top ten web hosting companies are;

Here Get Top 10 Best Web hosting providers

  •   ehost is one of the most proactive web hosting company.  They offer hosting services with unique features at a very fair price.They provide free domain names to their clients and other features that can’t be enjoyed for free when using other hosting companies. Some of these other features are; established app on web, 30 days money back, free email, free website builder and free ad credits.They have a custom C panelthat makes it easy to handle everything easily. The response time of their customer support makes them one of the best among hosting companies.
  • Hostgator: Hostgator is a hosting company that offers 24 hours customer support, 45 days money back and 99.9 uptime of website. They carry out transfer hosting from other hosting to their own host. They have a team of skilled technical experts who make this migration work without delay or stress.
  • Blue Host: Blue host is a leading web hosting company that provides a comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world so as to enable them access and thrive on the  internet. It was established in 2013 and has been continually coming up with innovative and creative ways of achieving their mission which is empower people to fully harness the web. With over 750 staff strength,  their customer support response time is superb. They are in partnership with WordPress and this has contributed to the high ranking of most of their client’s website by goggle.
  • Ipage: Ipage is a hosting company that has been empowering small,  business organisations to create an online presence so as to take advantage of the market. The have the best team of employees that have been the secret behind their success. They have the tools,  processes and expertiseto take business idea online. Ipage has been showing clients a new and better way to navigate the web – the ipage way. They have 24 hours customer support services with a quick response time, over 1 million powered website, 30 days money back guarantee and hundreds of free template and themes.
  • Inmotion: Inmotion is a fast, reliable and affordable hosting company whose goal is to thrill every customers with their professionalism,  expertise , availability and a honest desire to see them satisfied. Their systems are monitored 24 hours to identify any unusual activity in its operation and benchmarked continuously for performance. Their innovative zealousness has made it easy for them to provide domain name and web hosting services that outperform that of the competitors in the area of reliability, speed and economy.
  • eUKhost: eUkhost limited is a hosting company headquartered in Leeds with data centres in Wakefield,  Maidenhead and Nottingham. They provide professional and reliable web hosting solutions on UK based server at affordable prices. Eukhost is among the first companies to offer fully automated web hosting solutions and they have been leading the market through their proactive and innovative approach to the business.
  • Bigrock:  Bigrock is a web hosting company that provide web solution to individuals, professionals and businesses. They provide 24/7 assistance to their customers through chat, over the phone and emails. This customer feedback enables them to provide a first class  service to their customers.
  • A2Hosting: A2Hosting is a customer centric web hosting company that offers exceptional web hosting services to clients all over the world. There have competitive advantage in the areas of high performance swift browsers, 24/7 technical support crew, ultra reliable hosting and an unreal developer features. They have a wide range of customers and their uptime is 99.9 percent. They constantly identify threats and proactively forestall those threats for affecting their clients operation.
  • Hostingraja: Hosting Raja is a fast web hosting company in India.They go beyond hosting website to extending their on the field technical experience to achieving their customer’s goal easily. They have created unique web hosting packaging using Windows and Linux based systems that are in conformity with recommended standard and practices in the industry.Hosting Raja has qualified and well trained team of expert engineers who are always available 24/7 to provide technical supports as well as 99.9 percent uptime to customers.
  • Liquid Web: Liquid web is a web hosting company that has 3 data centres in Lansing  and a forth location in Scottsdale. They are dedicated to providing the best hosting products available and exceptional customer services. They understand the fact that they are in business because of their customers, in view of this they constantly identify trends in website hosting and coming up with innovative products and services in order to improve customers online experience. Due to their resilience and passion in satisfying g their customers,  INC.5000 awarded them the fastest growing companies in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. They have a world-class expert support team that are well experienced and certified by Cisco and Red hat.They are available all the time to provide online customer supports to all their customers.

The success of a website is a function of the hosting company that is hosting the website.  In view of this, critically analysed the key selling points of the web hosting company above and decide which one to use. You can read about Top 10 Best Web hosting providers so that you can think and compare web hosting companies that which one is best hosting providers.

What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

We are writing about Top 10 Best Web hosting providers so that you can read before going with any hosting provider. The quantity of facilitating decisions accessible to the point of view site proprietor can be overpowering. It is conceivable to get facilitating for several dollars every month — and now and then free. Also, it is conceivable to get facilitating that costs hundreds and even a great many dollars a month.

However to the uninitiated, they can appear the same. Truth be told, it infrequently resembles the less expensive plans offer increasingly: boundless transfer speed, stockpiling, and email addresses! Why doesn’t Amazon get in on that activity? All things considered, as may not astound you, facilitating decisions are more convoluted than they may show up.

Types of Web Hosting

The larger part of facilitating plans can be classified into five fundamental sorts: Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller. How about we take a gander at each of them.

Shared facilitating is the most well known and reasonable facilitating alternative. With it, you lease space on a mutual server with other site proprietors. This implies you’re likewise sharing assets like data transfer capacity, memory, and preparing power. This can be an issue, in light of the fact that a solitary server can bolster hundreds and even a huge number of sites. The greater part of these sites will get next to no movement, enabling facilitating organizations to offer more assets to the modest number who require them. In any case, there are still points of confinement.

Enough capability for most independent company and individual sites, shared facilitating is the most reasonable facilitating sort accessible. With it, you share server assets with different clients, so you have all the usefulness of a professionally oversaw web server however just shoulder a little offer of the server cost. Likewise observe: Unlimited Hosting.

Note, in any case, that not all common facilitating is the same. Diverse organisations utilize distinctive servers with various measures of assets. Likewise, a few organisations have a larger number of sites on a server than others. So there might be a justifiable reason motivation to pay for $10 every month facilitating as opposed to $1.99.


On the off chance that you’ve surpassed the power offered by a mutual facilitating plan, virtual private server (VPS) facilitating will arm you with expanded execution without saddling you with the full cost of a committed server. VPS facilitating gives more prominent execution, in light of the fact that less sites are utilizing a solitary physical server. In any case, similarly as vital, it gives full control of your server. Despite the fact that a VPS is not a physical server, as far as administration, it is. In the event that you have extraordinary requirements for your server, you have the control to address them.


Cloud facilitating is fairly similar to VPS in light of the fact that the server is not the same as a physical machine. Be that as it may, cloud facilitating is appropriated over numerous PCs. Subsequently, cloud facilitating is to a great degree steady and versatile. On the off chance that you find that your site is slacking a result of absence of data transfer capacity, you can build it with the flip of a switch. A similar thing goes for plate space and CPU use. On the off chance that industry-driving uptime and quick versatility are your two greatest stresses, cloud facilitating may be exactly what you’re searching for.

Cloud facilitating will give you access to a group of servers from which you can rapidly arrangement assets when you require them, and enough detachment from boisterous server neighbors that your application is remained careful. VPS and Cloud administrations are once in a while joined into a mixture benefit (infrequently called Cloud VPS or Scalable VPS).


In case you’re prepared to be finished sharing server assets devoted facilitating will give you finish and free access to a physical server. Valuable for driving complex applications and propelled contents, devoted facilitating gives the most abnormal amount of security and server customization conceivable. Additionally observe: Colocation.

Affiliate Hosting

This is a unique sort of facilitating. In the event that you need to offer facilitating while another person keeps up the server, affiliate facilitating gives this. However, you can get affiliate facilitating that is shared, VPS, cloud, or committed. With it, you purchase access to server assets in mass, and afterward exchange it under your own image. Obviously, affiliate facilitating is not for individuals new to web facilitating. It is a propelled kind of facilitating, which expects you to give your clients client and specialized help.

Prominent Hosting Specialties

Individuals utilize sites for a wide range of things. What’s more, precisely what you need to do will manage what sort of facilitating you require. In any case, there are prevalent sorts of sites like web journals. Subsequently, there are specific facilitating plans for these sorts of sites, which we will talk about beneath.

WordPress Hosting

Top 10 Best Web hosting providers

WordPress is the most prominent blogging stage on the planet. In any case, since its dispatch in 2003, it has developed into an intense substance administration framework (CMS) that is utilized for a ton more than blogging. On the off chance that you need to invest less energy designing and dealing with your WordPress establishment, you ought to consider a facilitating plan that works in WordPress. Most designs make setting it up simple, however some even set it up for you, abandoning you more opportunity to customize your site and make content.

Java Hosting

Java is a veteran protest situated programming dialect for applications and sites, first discharged in 1995. While Java has lost ubiquity as a customer side dialect despite everything it sees substantial use in server-side applications — particularly at huge locales like Amazon and Ebay. In the event that you need to execute server-side highlights controlled by Java you’ll need to make sure to choose a Java-empowered facilitating plan.

PHP Hosting

PHP is scripting  a server side. It initially remained for “Individual Home Page.” But it is currently known by the recursive acronym, “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” It is upheld by most facilitating suppliers, and is hypothetically accessible on pretty much any server.

It is a standout amongst the most mainstream scripting dialects on the planet. Numerous prevalent applications are composed in PHP, specifically, the three most famous substance administration frameworks: WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. However, many individuals compose their own particular specific PHP applications. In the event that it’s PHP facilitating you look for you will have no lack of alternatives.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is an adaptable substance administration framework and web application structure. It is the second most prominent blogging stage after WordPress. It’s more specialized than WordPress, however is particularly esteemed for use as the reason for online business locales. On the off chance that you need to construct site controlled by Joomla look at our facilitating page on it.

We always to give you more information about Top 10 Best Web hosting providers for your business hosting as well.

ASP.NET Hosting

Top 10 Best Web hosting providers

ASP.NET is a server-side scripting structure. It is to a great degree capable and gives you a chance to utilize basically any dialect you need to make your site. It is somewhat similar to what might as well be called PHP. Be that as it may, for individuals who are set up Microsoft software engineers and who are capable in Visual Basic or C#, it is an extraordinary decision. Be that as it may, most facilitating suppliers don’t bolster it.

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Linux or Windows?

Other than picking between facilitating sort and specialization, your other fundamental decision with regards to facilitating a site is the working framework (OS) of the web server. Be that as it may, some of your different decisions may direct what OS you pick. Note: you don’t need to utilize Linux for your work to utilize Linux facilitating, or Windows to utilize Windows facilitating.


Linux is the most widely recognized facilitating stage on the planet. Linux servers are a prominent decision for some sites and applications. In case you’re searching for a facilitating stage that can deal with the present most normal programming dialects and applications (PHP + MySQL) consider Linux facilitating. It is the business standard facilitating stage. Truth be told, it has a basic acronym, LAMP, which remains for Linux, Apache (web server), MySQL (database), and PHP.


Windows is the facilitating stage fueled by Microsoft. On the off chance that you need a server that can deal with Windows applications, databases, and programming structures like ASP.NET, you should get Windows facilitating. Furthermore, you aren’t constrained to Microsoft devices. Despite everything you have the adaptability to use basic web programming dialects like PHP and MySQL. Customarily, Windows facilitating cost more cash than Linux facilitating. Be that as it may, this is less genuine today. Many organizations offer a similar cost for the two stages.

Boundless Hosting?

All facilitating suppliers offer at any rate some boundless plans: boundless capacity, boundless email, boundless data transfer capacity. Various suppliers offer only such boundless plans. Be that as it may, “boundless” doesn’t mean what a great many people figure it does. All it implies is that the organization hasn’t set a breaking point on your asset utilization. The devil is in the subtle elements, and the points of interest will be found in the facilitating supplier’s terms of administration (TOS). Fortunately for every one of us, basically every TOS says a similar thing: you can’t mishandle their servers.

Take our little joke about Amazon above. On the off chance that Amazon chose to have its site utilizing HostGator’s unmetered Hatchling Plan for several dollars for each month, it would crash the server it was running on. Be that as it may, more essential to Amazon, it would cut down their site and cost them a large number of dollars. Furthermore, that gives an imperative lesson to site proprietors: it doesn’t make a difference if you’re facilitating supplier will enable you to run insane with server assets on the off chance that it winds up with your site stacking gradually and smashing all the time.

So recollect that while boundless web facilitating plans do free you up to have a more easygoing way to deal with your asset use, regardless you have to discover an arrangement that is identical to your requirements. Consider it like having an exemplary American Express card. You have no pre-set farthest point. Be that as it may, you wouldn’t have the capacity to purchase things you can’t eventually bear.

Area, Location, Location

The platitude in the land world is that the three most imperative contemplation when purchasing a house is area, area, area. On the web, there is by all accounts no area. You can visit a site out of Beijing as effectively as you can Topeka. In any case, since you can go wherever on the planet on the web doesn’t imply that the web isn’t restricted. On the off chance that you need your site guests to be filled in as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, you are best to have your web server near them.

There are two ways to deal with this. On the off chance that by far most of web hosting service but we recommend to read Top 10 Best Web hosting providers before going to buy your web hosting plan.

Top 10 Web hosting providers in 2018

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