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Domain Hosting Companies of 2017

Lots of domain hosting providers throw in the domain name for free. Even they let you register the domain name as part of the service. Best hosting providers offers you free domain name registration which is part hosting plan. Good hosting companies also of their services. You can go with our top picks hosting providers.

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Web Hosting Feature Comparison$5.99


serve-me-right-logoRevolutionary VPS Technology
serve-me-right-logoIntegrated Key Features for WordPress
serve-me-right-logoCustom-Designed Control Panel
serve-me-right-logoSSH Secure Shell Access


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Domain Hosting$11.95


serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Storage
serve-me-right-logo$500 Free Advertising Credits
serve-me-right-logoStep by Step Tutorials
serve-me-right-logoFree Domain Registration


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Domain Hosting$6.94


serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Space & Bandwidth
serve-me-right-logo45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
serve-me-right-logo24/7 Technical Support
serve-me-right-logo4500 Free Templates


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Domain Hosting$5.99


serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Space & Bandwidth
serve-me-right-logo$200 Free Advertising Credits
serve-me-right-logo24/7 Customer Support
serve-me-right-logoFull-Time Network Monitoring


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Domain Hosting$7.88


serve-me-right-logoFree Search Engine Tools
serve-me-right-logo13 Years in Web Hosting
serve-me-right-logo24/7 Expert Support
serve-me-right-logoFree Domain Registration


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Domain Hosting4.94


serve-me-right-logoAdvanced Domain Search Tool
serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Space & Bandwidth
serve-me-right-logoSite building service available
serve-me-right-logoProvides a library of applications


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Domain Hosting$5.98


serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Domains
serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Email Addresses
serve-me-right-logoMoney-back & 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
serve-me-right-logo24/7 Multilingual Support


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Domain Hosting$7.99


serve-me-right-logoAdvanced Domain Search Tool
serve-me-right-logoUnlimited Space & Bandwidth
serve-me-right-logoSite building service available
serve-me-right-logoFree Domain Registration


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serve-me-right-logoFree Site Backups
serve-me-right-logo90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
serve-me-right-logo24/7 Customer Support
serve-me-right-logoFree Domain Registration


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Domain Hosting$3.45


$1.00/mo Web Hosting with One FREE Domain


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Web Hosting Servers and Internet World

The Internet is only a large combination of computers attached to a geographical network and a set of protocols that establish the rules for data to be sent and received. Most of the computers are connected to the Internet through a DSL modem that directs traffic fetch to and from a local phone or cable company. An Internet service provider directs the incoming and outgoing data through a local hub to geographical hubs.

All the data which is coming from Internet makes up a website is located on one or more than one specialized computers called as servers. Servers is very expensive to purchase and very difficult to maintain, so companies, known as domain hosts or website hosts, lease server resources to subscribers in return for monthly fees. This allows to anyone to create a website that is available for public use on the World Wide Web, which is the collective network of all websites in the world that can be accessed publicly through the Internet.

Computers understand each other and establish connection with the help of protocol. Protocol is a set of rules which is use for establishing connection with each other on Internet. HTTP or hyper transfer protocol is one of the most important protocol. This is a protocol which allows queries to be send to a specific servers. So the website on those server can access easily.

One make a request for access from a client computer to a website server. A domain name system attached to Internet protocol addresses is in operation. Which is all ready assign at the time of domain registration. The physical location of the web server hosting a particular website is embedded in the domain name. Which is also called as the website URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

IP Addresses and Domain Host Names

When you decide to buy a domain. So domain registration is the first step. Domain name providers are responsible to regulate and maintain of register domain. ICANN ensure that domain names should not repeat. The actual domain name registration can be done directly through the ICANN. But mostly it is complete through a third party like your hosting service. People can easy recognize and read domain names. But computer is only understand binary numbers (0,1). That is why every domain have a unique IP address to understand them. Which is be link with special servers called DNS (Domain Name Servers). This server convert IP address into domain name and domain name into IP address.

Domain Name Registration Authority and Hosting

The domain registration would be the same company as the domain hosting providers, or may be different one. All most every hosting providers will allow to do a domain name search and register there. Even some hosting provider offers you free domain for one year along with web hosting. Because same equipment is require for domain registration and hosting. So many web hosting companies engage in both type of services. Lots of companies running campaign as offer domain hosting packages along with free domain registration. Also they offers some discount with some kind of discount coupon. They include everything in one package along with domain hosting.

First you should find or search a domain hosting. Then register domain. But, if you already have a domain. Which is register some where else. Then you need to buy web hosting on same or different domain hosting providers.

Domain Hosting Plan and Packages Including Features

Every domain hosting companies have a many packages. Every package has a different – different set of features. Some may be important to your website than others. But free domains for one year are common and you shouldn’t buy a plan which doesn’t offer this.

Some common types of packages:
  • Free hosting – Some web hosts offer free service. This host service include many subscribers into a single server with the resource of the server. Which is share between them. Free hosting packages always have very few features which is a negative point.
  • Shared hosting – Share web hosting can also have a paid subscription. Price base share web hosting package provide subscribers more features comparison to free one including service guarantees may be available. Free domain hosting names add a lot of value to these cheap package.
  • Dedicated hosting – If you want highest level of security for your data. Also if you require all the resources of a server can lease private servers that can be access and use. These hosting are much expensive domain hosting package. But they provide the most power, flexibility and lots of security.

I hope you will understand which domain hosting plan will work best for your website. So you need to do require some research on this. All domain hosting provides have different features in their offer package, and vary prices.

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