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eHost Reviews: Web Hosting Providers Review

ehost reviews


eHost reviews claims they have ‘everything you need to succeed online and with a ton of features out the box that appeal to both pros and amateurs, it may very well be the perfect one-stop-shop for you. Find out more about this web host in our complete review.



  • Impressive drag and drop builder  –  The DIY site builder on eHost is one of the best out there. Tons of quality ready made templates, full customization, HTML and app support too
  • Free domain & email address for life –  This can add up to a healthy saving over the lifetime of a website – but eHost reviews give you this free, forever
  • Impressive drag and drop builder  –  The DIY site builder on eHost reviews is one of the best out there. Tons of quality ready made templates, full customization, HTML and app support too
  • Excellent Customer service options – You can call, email, or chat 24/7 with a knowledgeable

eHost is a hosting provider, a website builder and more. It has a great reputation for providing reliable hosting at really great prices. This means affordable web hosting solutions that will suit most requirements, whether you’re looking to build a simple brochure site, an e-Commerce store or a corporate website. They have 24/7 data center monitoring and that gives super reliable levels of uptime.

Ideal for:

With fantastic, always open customer service, eHost is ideal for those who are looking to that little bit of extra support exactly when it is needed. Priority support customers can email, use chat support or speak on the phone.  And with a promised answer time of less than two minutes, eHost clearly understands the importance of keeping their customers happy.

But eHost’s service isn’t just for beginners; they offer professional grade services that web pros will feel comfortable and confident using.

Hosting Features:

With 1 GB of free cloud storage, free email accounts, unlimited My SQL databases and unmetered bandwidth as standard as part of all plans, eHost gives user all the tools they need to make an impression online.  eHost reviews makes everything easy and by using cPanel – you’ll have a well familiar interface and that makes eHost an attractive option.

Hosting Technology:

Well-maintained and powered by Apache, eHost claim to have excellent reliability and uptime. For the technical amongst with, a load-balancing platform, daily server backups and 24/7 monitoring, eHost are all set up to ensure the technology is secure, speedy and stable as possible.


eHost has a cheap entry point, you can choose to pay monthly or annually, at even better rates. That’s to be expected in this day and age. However, they try and sell you a stack of add-ons as soon as you get through the gate, and that leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.  The pill is slightly less bitter as eHost offer services like $100’s of free advertising credit and free email accounts, something other providers in this space cash in on. They also offer a free domain for life, it is an appealing feature that is worthy of a thumbs up.


Introductory Offer

50% discount

Pro Monthly


Pro 12 month


Pro 24 month


Pro 36 month


Ease of Use

eHost certainly feels intuitive and easy to use. The clean, well organized front-end of their website is mirrored by the orderly control panel provided with all hosting plans. That said, eHost reviews does insist of you choosing your domain name before you can get into the service in full, which may not be ideal if you are still considering this important business decision.

Their site builder really does impress in terms of ease of use. Everything is beautifully designed, and intuitive. Sure, you don’t have the power of Word press, but if that’s your thing, you can sidestep the site builder and go ahead and use cPanel to install Word press and more. eHost does everything it can to make getting started with its service smooth and simple, which is great as many hosting services can be hard to get to grips with at first.

E-Commerce tools are easy to find and install, and eHost’s free website builder allows first timers to build a good-looking site quickly and easily – even with no web design experience. For e-Commerce sites, a specific e-Commerce-hosting plan is available and easy to install.

Website Builder Features:

A lot of websites offer website builders, and a lot of them are instantly forgettable. Not eHost’s. It’s slick, modern and packed with essential, modern features that take no time at all to configure.

These include flexible layout options, one-click additions of site elements and easy section reordering. This is important in a site builder, and if you make a mistake. Don’t worry – you can reset the template with one click. Ehost has a neat mobile editor as well, it’s intuitive and provides a great solution for this modern day necessity.

eHost offer a ton of nicely designed templates that are ideal for small business owners who just need a presence online.

Customer Support:

eHost make a big deal about their Priority customer support. And rightly so. They are available all day, every day. You’ll never find yourself without access to phone support, email or chat options. And that is a big deal. But you most likely won’t need it, eHost reviews is super reliable and that’s probably part of the reason they can offer you a telephone response time of less than 2 minutes.


eHost looks like a pretty decent option for small business owners. Their site builder is one of the best on the market. It has an array of easy to access customer service options.

Their pricing is in and around the market average, but they do try to up-sell at nearly every opportunity.

With a Design Suite, Marketing Suite and Support Suite all included in your monthly payments, eHost reviews has got things organized in a neat way that makes their site easy to use.

In the design suite, it’s easy to add a blog and an e-commerce app. You can have yourself a nice looking site in a matter of hours. There’s help with marketing with plenty of free vouchers, and if you get stuck, you can call a free phone number.  What’s more, with a 45-day money back guarantee, there’s no risk and if your goal is to get on-line quickly, this is definitely an option worth looking into.


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How do I Choose The Best Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service is most confusion part for hosting any web site. Don’t worry just sit back, I’m going to tell you a story. A few day ago, I knew I wanted a web host, but fortunately had no idea where to start. What was a VPS? SSH? Mostly I was getting confuse! Then, I typed in “web host” on Google and it came up with millions of hits, which just confused me further. Lots of confusing contracts and loads of tech jargon that I couldn’t understand…

Since then, I’ve managed to whittle down the hundreds of web hosts out there to a list of just five, which I picked based on their price, value for money, features, functionality and of course my personal experience with the customer service of these companies.

I’ve decided to weigh up the pros for each and then decided to crown the top web host that delivered the biggest sucker punch. Stick around to find out what it is!

Features And Benefits To Conceder When Hunting For The Best Web Hosting Service

1. Blue Host

I am sure you’ve likely already heard about Blue Host web hosting service. If you’re looking for the best web hosting service. It’s one of the first option when you search for web hosting service on Google. You might have seen their ads online. One of the major players in web hosting. Blue Host has pretty much everything you need to get start. If you need a fast, reliable web host that won’t let you down. So let’s play with the basics. Need a web hosting service that supports your WordPress site? Blue Host’s got you covered. Want a web host that provides you with support for your eCommerce platform? surely Blue Host does that, too. In fact, this company does the job if you need somewhere safe and reliable to web hosting service for your web site.

What I loved the mostly was the flexible pricing. There is no contract or additional fees, so there’s less stress if something goes wrong and you want to switch hosts. Some hosts will lock you into lengthy contracts, but Blue Host doesn’t do any of that, so there’s definitely less pressure. Pricing plans start from $2.75 a month, which will give you the basic web hosting features and a free domain for life. This is one of the cheapest prices on the Internet world.


You also get access to a lots of features. There’s SSH and awesome customer service. If you’ve got a question or query, you can just contact the company and you’ll receive a speedy response. You also get a free email address, unlimited websites, and as I mentioned above a free domain, making Blue Host perfect if you own a small business and want a reliable server so you can sell your products and services 24 hours a day. People who have used Blue Host have been able to attract leads from Google’s search engine results page, which they’ve then turned into bona fide customers.

If you’re new to web hosting like I was, you’ll find the control panel REALLY easy to use. Everything’s sitting there on the screen waiting for you so you don’t have to waste ages looking for features. You’ll have all your options laid out for you, and you can quickly access your account details if you want to upgrade your package or make changes.

Oh, and there’s the uptime also make you feel comfortable. Blue Host hosting says that if they don’t meet their 99.9 percent uptime guarantee (not including scheduled maintenance), then customers might be eligible for a one-month account credit. Head over to Blue Host to find out more.
In short, Blue Host delivers. It’s got flexible pricing, no contracts, loads of features, great customer service and the dashboard is really easy to use, too. It’s cheap compression to others on the market because it’s share hosting, but that should suit most people just fine. If you’re new to web hosting service, this is a great place to start. Read More about Blue Host hosting

2. iPage

If you’re looking anything like me, you want a web hosting service that provides you with plenty of bang for your buck. iPage web hosting service have that with its Essential Plan. This is basically the entry-level plan for every people who aren’t too clued up when it comes to web hosting service but just need something that will support their website and makes sure everything runs perfectly.
iPage has packages that start from $1.99 per month, making it one of the cheapest web hosting service online. However, be prepared to pay more if you want more features. There are loads of offers online, too, so you’ll be able to get some of the top-tier packages at a discount price. If you have a promo code. (Just enter this code when you’re signing up for a new account with the company and you can make a very big saving).

Just like Blue Host, the control panel is easy to use, and if you’re using WordPress (like most people are), integration is a breeze. In fact, there’s a simple “one click” setup for WordPress, which takes mere minutes. No hassle, no stress, just web hosting you can count on.


There are also VPS and shared hosting options, providing you with more flexibility. The shared hosting plan comes with a free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, and 1 GB of free cloud hosting. The VPS options provide a bridge between shared hosting and a dedicated hosting, which will be a good option if you run your own business and don’t want to share a server with others. Expect to pay more for this service, though, with prices starting from around $19.99 per month.

I’ve great experience about the tech support over at iPage, too, perfect if you’re struggling to make sense of it all. You might not even have to get to that stage, mind. As the company has handily posted a series of informative tutorials on their website too. Which tell you everything you need to get started and use all the latest features. Definitely something worth checking out. Go here for full feautre details


3. Interserver

When you’re looking for a web host like me, you need to think seriously  about uptime. Basically, this tells you how long a server will be in operation. Always remember, if a server is down, and people can’t access your website, you could be losing out on visitors and search engine ranking as well. If you own a business, this could be detrimental, especially if leads don’t come back and this has an impact on sales. Luckily, Interserver boasts a whopping 99.9 percent uptime, making it great for everyone from bloggers to businesses.

Let’s talk about plan. Interserver plans start from just over $4 a month, making them slightly more expensive than eHost and iPage. This basic entry-level plan gives you unlimited bandwidth and disk space and cloud web hosting, though. If you crave extra features, you can upgrade to one of the other plans.

Interserver does something that not every web host does: provide phone support. While some hosts will leave you waiting days for a response to that email you send them, you can speak to a real person in real time. Then there are the features. As well as WordPress integration, you get an uptime guarantee. MySQL, and PHP, and there’s even a support forum. Where you can talk to other people about the latest features. This is a fantastic communication tool and one that some users utilize a lot.


The basic packages are shared hosting plans, but, like I said before, this should suit most people. If you do prefer a VPS, however, Interserver offers that, too . Finally, you might be interested to hear there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can get your cash back if things don’t work out, providing you with peace of mind.
Interserver might be more expensive than some options out there. But you can choose from VPS and shared plans, access a support forum. Talk to customer service reps on the phone and integrate your WordPress site in seconds.

4. BigRock Hosting

When I was working my research work, I found that some web hosts promised a free domain, but it wasn’t a “.com,” rendering the whole thing useless. With BigRock Hosting, you DO get a “.com,” which is best if you have a business and want to improve your rankings on Google and advertise your products and services around the world. BigRock Hosting also give 24/7 customer support. Ideal for when you don’t know how to use a particular feature or need any kind help with your hosting account.

Like other web hosts on the market, BigRock Hosting comes with loads of features. I was pretty impressed with the money-back guarantee at BigRock Hosting. Other features include unlimited disk space, free data backups, and WordPress integration. In fact, you could get your WordPress site up and running in just a few seconds with the one-click feature.

Plan and Price

Pricing plans start from around $1.20 a month, though these can be as much as less than $200+ for a dedicated server. There’s also VPS, which will give you a dedicated IP address and other features. If you want to stick to the basics. The shared hosting plans does everything you need. To and has the 24/7 customer support to provide you with that peace of mind you need if you’re new to web hosting. There’s something to bear in mind, however. BigRock uses Linux and Windows Server as well. More Reviews

web hosting serviceweb hosting service

5. HostGator

Woow, HostGator. Like so many web hosting service, this is one of the most recognizable names on the market, and you might have seen the company’s ads somewhere. The company offers a lots of features, such as 24/7 technical support, multiple price plans, and WordPress integration.

So, let’s start with the prices. The cheapest hosting package costs just over $3 a month, making it one of the cheapest web hosting service on the market. For this entry-level plan, get unlimited bandwidth and disk space and WordPress integration, among other features. Need to pay more for a VPS or dedicated server if you want it. You can quickly integrate your WordPress site regardless of the package you opt for.

You don’t get a domain when you take out a plan. However, there’s a 45-day money back guarantee and a very perfect uptime. You’ll get the dashboard easy to use. If you do get stuck, you can access the user manuals. Where everything is describe in a proper manner.

HostGator is also an eco-friendly web hosting service. That means they offset their emissions and use 130 percent wind power through energy credits. If this doesn’t mean much to you, don’t worry. Just know that the company takes the preservation of the environment seriously! The company is also used by big-name brands, including Dell. With more than 8 million domains hosted on the platform. HostGator is definitely one of the world wide popular web hosts anywhere on the Internet.

HostGator have a  great option for people who want to host a blog website or eCommerce store on a reliable platform with a best uptime. The brand has more than thousands of reviews online, so you might want to check those out, too, to get a better idea of how the company works and what you can expect as per your needs. Brows more details and features

web hosting service


Right, above are the Top Five Best Web Hosting Service Providers out there. All of them provide exceptional value, and while the features and pricing plans might differ. You’ll get good customer service with each one. HostGator, for example, provides 24*7*365 – hour technical support . While Interserver lets you access a support forum where you can discuss tips and tricks with other users.

If I had to pick, I’d go for Hostgator, which, I felt, had more flexible options. You can choose a price plan that suited you based on your circumstances, and with packages starting from less than $2.75. It provided excellent value for money. I love the fact you could contact a customer executive if you had a problem and didn’t have to wait for days to get an answer. Really I love the dashboard, which was easy to use and showed everything I need it to. Also I love the uptime and features that were available to me.

While you can’t go wrong with any of the hosts listed above, eHost just pipped it for me.

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Disclaimer: We work hard to give you valuable and reliable information about all of the best products and best hosting services we review. In order to provide you with this free service, we use links on our site that provide us with commissions for referring you to the hosting seller’s site. We assured you that this does not influence the material we present, but may influence the positioning on our site, and only supports our efforts to offer you the best and most relevant information.

web hosting reviews

Web Hosting Reviews

Web hosting reviews based on support quality, loading times and uptime percentage. Find out which one is the best web hosting company in 2016. Before you buy a web hosting plan, read and compare web hosting review. It is important to remember and consider that when you subscribe any web hosting plan first always read web hosting reviews.

Nothing should more important than web hosting reviews. Read our 2016 web hosting reviews to get start creating your own web hosting plan. While, this is an most important step that inspiration out on the Internet for every one to get best web hosting plan.

web hosting reviews

 As making a decision on which web hosting provider to choose can be tough. With all the Web hosting companies giving commitment about their plan. Such as to have 99% uptime, unlimited resources and support. There has to be a way to avoid such a crap things. That the only way to avoid just read web hosting review.

We will help you make the decision by showing web hosting reviews. So you can sign up best web hosting company. By Reading hosting reviews you can understand what hosting companies mean by what they say. You will be able to decide which hosting providers and package fit for your projects.

Read some additional points which will help you to buy best web hosting plan

1. Plan / Price

Price is the aspect most of us will check at first when choosing a web hosting provider. However, it shouldn’t be the choosing factor. When you see differences in price. It is helpful to remember that what we get and what we pay for it. Just read about price also in web hosting review. So you no need to jumping around the Internet for cheapest offer.

2. Area of Specialties

It is a true that not every web hosts are right for all different kinds of customers. Some hosting providers offer great shared plans but they don’t have solutions for everything for growing businesses. While some others web hosting provider have best enterprise solutions but aren’t the good fit for some people with a small cooking blog. So read in web hosting reviews about a company’s specialty and expertise before you buy web hosting plan.

3. Tech Limitations

First honestly look at your web site and figure it out what you want it to do. If you’re planning to host an e-Commerce site, tons of content and videos. Then you should go with unlimited web hosting package. Never go with limited one for above planning. A limited or cheap plan can crash your web site.
Check to see what you are getting with the cheap web hosting and what features are added. Do they extra charge for additional domains, support, backups, tools, etc.. Call them or read web hosting review.

4. Tech Support

Support is very important ingredient for every product. Web site is the product which is running 24*7*365. So make sure that your web hosting providers is also provider customer support 24*7*365. If you do face any type of hosting problem so same time it can resolve. Also verify that hosting company is giving Chat , Email and phone support as well.

5. Features / Add-Ons

Features is consideration area which comes down to the following question – What is the speciality to the hosting company?
What extra tool do they provide to make hosting site with them just a touch more attractive?
Whether they have multiple data centers, energy-saving practices or additional features?
Are they providing regular data backups and free domain privacy?
If you get one that offers something you need or you look important, that will be a good sign of hosting providers.

6. Email Features

Email is one of those areas where you should not have considered asking your web host for help. We advise you to read web hosting reviews about email. If you have a Spam issue. Then it may be because your web hosting provider doesn’t provide an adequate solutions to prevent it and you didn’t read web hosting reviews before buy. So ask to  your web hosting provider’s Spam solutions and email practices. 

7. Control Panel

Check with your hosting provider or read web hosting reviews about control panel. Whether your hosting company is providing Control Panel or not. Because control panel is very important with least tech savvy. You can install WordPress, setting up email and FTP account. You can check DNS and so many other things also.

8. Scalability

One more important considerable thing is scalability. Read about scalability in web hosting reviews that your hosting company is providing scalability or not. Means any time if we want to convert our plan from limited to unlimited or if we want to move with dedicated servers or VPS. Will they also be upgrade your account when you need? Because transferring one host to different host will take time and efforts both. But if hosting provider can upgrade your plan whenever you need then it is a great for you. So consider this thing also in web hosting reviews.


top 10 best web hosting providers

Best Web Hosting Providers

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers

We are going to write analysis about top 10 best web hosting providers. Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or organisations to post websites or Web page on internet. Web hosting or Web hosting companies are organisations. That provide the requisite technologies and services needed for a website or Web page to be view on the internet. Ordinarily, websites questions hosted and stored special computers known as Servers. The web host store the website pages and make them available to computers that are connected to the internet. The domain name of a website is link to an IP address that points to specific computer.

Whenever an internet users want to access a particular website. What they do is to type in the website address or domain on their computer and connect it with the website server. Once connected with the server, the server will deliver the website information to the user’s computer.
With the advancement in technology and rapid increase in the number of internet users, they have been widespread of web hosting service provider around the world. However the top ten web hosting companies are;


Hostgator is a hosting company that offers 24 hours customer support, 45 days money back and 99.9 uptime of website. They carry out transfer hosting from other hosting to their own host. They have a team of skilled technical experts who make this migration work without delay or stress. Read More>>

Blue Host:

Blue host is a leading web hosting company that provides a comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world. So as to enable them access and thrive on the internet. It was established in 2013 and has been continually coming up with innovative and creative ways of achieving their mission which is empower people to fully harness the web. With over 750 staff strength, their customer support response time is superb. They are in partnership with WordPress and this has contributed to the high ranking of most of their client’s website by goggle. Read More>>


Ipage is a hosting company that has been empowering small. Business organisations to create an online presence so as to take advantage of the market. The have the best team of employees that have been the secret behind their success. They have the tools, processes and expertiseto take business idea online. Ipage has been showing clients a new and better way to navigate the web – the ipage way. They have 24 hours customer support services with a quick response time, over 1 million powered website, 30 days money back guarantee and hundreds of free template and themes. Read More>>


Inmotion is a fast, reliable and affordable hosting company whose goal is to thrill every customers with their professionalism, expertise , availability and a honest desire to see them satisfied. Their systems are monitored 24 hours to identify any unusual activity in its operation and bench marked continuously for performance. Their innovative zealousness has made it easy for them to provide domain name and web hosting services that outperform that of the competitors in the area of reliability, speed and economy. Read More>>


Eukhost limited is a hosting company headquartered in Leeds with data centers in Wakefield, Maidenhead and Nottingham. They provide professional and reliable web hosting solutions on UK based server at affordable prices. Eukhost is among the first companies to offer fully automated web hosting solutions and they have been leading the market through their proactive and innovative approach to the business. Read More>>


Bigrock is a web hosting company that provide web solution to individuals, professionals and businesses. They provide 24/7 assistance to their customers through chat, over the phone and emails. This customer feedback enables them to provide a first class service to their customers. Read More>>


A2Hosting is a customer centric web hosting company that offers exceptional web hosting services to clients all over the world. There have competitive advantage in the areas of high performance swift browsers, 24/7 technical support crew. Ultra reliable hosting and an unreal developer features. They have a wide range of customers and their up time is 99.9 percent. They constantly identify threats and proactively forestall those threats for affecting their clients operation. Read More>>


Hosting Raja is a fast web hosting company in India.They go beyond hosting website to extending their on the field technical experience to achieving their customer’s goal easily. They have created unique web hosting packaging using Windows and Linux based systems that are in conformity with recommended standard and practices in the industry.Hosting Raja has qualified and well trained team of expert engineers who are always available 24/7 to provide technical supports as well as 99.9 percent uptime to customers. Read More>>

Liquid Web:

Liquid web is a web hosting company that has 3 data centers in Lansing and a forth location in Scottsdale. They are commit to providing the best hosting products available and exceptional customer services, they understand the fact that they are in business. Because of their customers, in view of this. They constantly identify trends in website hosting and coming up with innovative products and services in order to improve customers online experience. Due to their resilience and passion in satisfying their customers. INC.5000 awarded them the fastest growing companies in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. They have a world-class expert support team that are well experienced and certified by Cisco and Red hat.They are available all the time to provide online customer supports to all their customers. Read More>>

Godaddy is one of the most proactive web hosting company. They offer hosting services with unique features at a very fair price.They provide free domain names to their clients and other features. That can’t be enjoy for free when using other hosting companies. Some of these other features are; established app on web, 30 days money back, free email, free website builder and free ad credits.They have a custom C panel that makes it easy to handle everything easily. The response time of their customer support makes them one of the best among hosting companies. Read More>>

The success of a website is a function of the hosting company that is hosting the website. In view of this, critically analysed the key selling points of the web hosting company above and decide which one to use.

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